A wheelchair for the terminally ill

Juan is 9yrs old and has not been able to walk or run for more than 6 months. When he began to fall ill, Juan’s parents tried to find as much money as possible to pay for medical tests. Inspite of this, they had no idea what was wrong with their son.

They arrived at Hospital Diospi Suyana with all the test results, hoping to find some explanation for their son’s symptoms. Dr Martina John understood immediately what was wrong. Juan is suffering from Duchenne’s Muscular Dystophy – a genetic disease that causes the muscles to fail and leads to an early death. Obviously this devastating news left Juan and his parents very anxious and sad.

Then a small blessing suddenly came to mind. A wheelchair had been donated to Diospi Suyana by Sunrise Medical and this chair was ideally suited to Juan! As soon as the small boy was sitting in the chair, a beaming smile came to his face. Although his legs had stopped working, he still has use of his arms and can propel himself around in the wheelchair.

As Dr Martina John took time to talk with his parents, Juan could be seen hurtling up and down the passages of the hospital. Andreas Mohr, just arrived from Switzerland,was able to adjust the footrests to Juan’s height and then with Michael Morl as the test driver, the whole family burst into laughter. They went happily home with the wheelchair for their son in hand.

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