A review with tired eyes

This was the round trip through Germany and Austria in October:

51 speeches in

12 federal states and Austria

14,000 kilometers by car

2,800 people came to hear the presentations

2 nights with enough sleep

Donations we received:

+/- 40,000 Euros (money)

+/- 100,000 Euros (material assets)

Dr. John talked to and negotiated respectively with the following companies:

– Ethikon: suturing material

– Erbe: technical medicine

– Solvis: solar technology

– juwi: solar technology

– Ziehm: X-ray apparatus

– Kathadyn: water filter

– Sirona: dentist articles

– KCI: equipment for intensive care

– Abbott: anesthetic gas and blood gas analysis

– Metronix: blood gas analysis

– Orth: furniture

– Strauss: clothes

– Dräger: equipment for intensive care

Dr. John also met 12 potential new personnel.

He met five times with the press:

– Ratgeber: women and family

– Thieme publisher

– The newspaper “Badische Zeitung”

– “idea/Spektrum”

– The newspaper “Märkischer Allgemeine Zeitung”

A four-hour conference of the management of Diospi Suyana took place in Kassel last Saturday. All members were either presented personally or connected via cell phone.

For the first time, Dr. John asked all of the visitors of his speeches to trust the One who died on the cross and rose from the grave three days later.

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