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Radio Diospi Suyana

A radio listener from Juliaca pays us a visit

Sr. Pedro Muñoz is truly thankful for Diospi Suyana’s radio programme

On Tuesday afternoon an elderly gentleman was somewhat hesitantly sneaking around the hospital buildings.  Pedro lives in faraway Juliaca in Puno State.  The patient was not only looking for medical treatment, but wanted to use his visit to Diospi Suyana as an opportunity to see Radio Diospi Suyana for himself.  It goes without saying that he was given a guided tour round the Media Centre.

He particularly thanked us for the high quality of our programmes and had no problem being photographed in front of our banner “With the best message for the world!”

The most amazing thing about this meeting, however, is that Diospi Suyana does not have an aerial tower in Juliaca.  Fortunately our antenna in Puno can just about reach Juliaca – the cities are located a 50 minute car-drive away from each other.  What fantastic news!