Our tip in hard times: How to save money

A haircut at a tolerable price

The cost of a simple haircut at the barber’s is rising astronomically in Europe and the US. Diospi Suyana helps you to find an affordable alternative to the hairdresser in your city. In the center of Curahuasi Doña Karina is waiting for your visit. Just ten minutes in the chair of the hairdresser and your head will look more beautiful than ever before. Your price: 5 Soles (1,2 €).

On Saturday, Dr. Lukas Steffen and his boys Nathan, Samuel and Daniel enjoyed this service. A short time later, the surgeon telephoned his brother in Switzerland. He too had undergone a shave, but for 45 SF.

So book a flight to Peru (Billiger-Fliegen.de) and save in hard currency at Doña Karina on the corner.

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  1. David

    I appreciate the emphasis on the importance of continuous learning and acquiring new skills to stay relevant in the money-making landscape. It’s a valuable minddset for growth. For additional insights,

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