Statement of Faith

The ministry of Diospi Suyana is strictly non-denominational. Its spiritual convictions are based on the foundations of the world-wide “evangelical alliance”. We cordially invite friends and supporters to work with us, if they are in agreement with the following statement of faith.
We profess:

  • the omnipotent power and mercy of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as is expressed in the creation, redemption, salvation and final judgment.
  • the divine inspiration of the Bible, its infallible reliability and supreme authority in our faith and Christian practice.
  • the sinful nature of fallen man which deserves God’s wrath and condemnation.
  • that the justification of sinners is only through God’s grace and is founded in man’s faith in Jesus Christ, who was crucified and rose from the dead.
  • the work of the Holy Spirit who causes conversion and new spiritual life, resides in the believer and enables him for holiness.
  • the priesthood of all believers, who form the world-wide church-the body whose head is Christ. All Christians have the obligation to preach the gospel in all the world.
  • the personal and visible Second Coming of Christ in power and glory, and the resurrection of all to judgment and eternal life in heaven for believers.

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