25 years of German unity – even in the highlands of Peru

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From the perspective of Verena Bigalke

Every Friday at 7:30 a.m. sharp the kettledrum sounds and the Diospi Suyana marching band plays to the entrance of the guard. The entire teacher- and studentship stands taut and orderly to observe the hoisting of the Peruvian flag. Then everyone joins in to sing the anthem of their country.

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A solemn act

However yesterdays flag was not colored in red and white, but instead waved in black, red and gold. The anthem was also only sung by German students and teachers. The others most-likely hearing it for the first time.

Subsequently the German students gave a brief insight into German history and explained the reason why we cekebrate the 25th anniversary of Germany’s reunification. Every paragraph in German was followed by a Spanish translation. It was an impressive moment for all to see Salome Brady take down the wall of cardboard

boxes. (Editor’s remark: We certainly celebrate Wilhelm Tell with the Swiss and Andreas Hofer with the Austrians. Without question we also respect and honor the South-American liberator Simon Bolivar.)

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1989-2015: It is always exciting to tear down walls.
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