Peruvian President visits Diospi Suyana

 Johns begrüßten Präsidenten

The big surprise

Yesterday around noon, President Ollanta Humala’s helicopter landed at our mission hospital.  In the bright sunshine, the president waved to the crowd that had gathered on the hospital grounds.  After being greeted by a delegation of the hospital, he explained to the mission doctors John that he had read an article about Diospi Suyana in a magazine.

President Ollanta Humala attended  a conference with the mayors of the state and his cabinet in Curahuasi’s town hall.  Late in the afternoon he had just enough time for a short tour of the hospital.  He was joined by the Minister of Health, Sra. Midori de Habich.  After the tour, the Head of State and Dr. John ran together towards the helicopter.

At about 7 pm that evening, the President called the mayor of Curahuasi and told him Diospi Suyana was the best hospital in the southern part of the country.  He said he was totally thrilled by what he had seen.

In the morning, many employees had prayed for God’s blessing. Up until 5 pm it was still uncertain whether the President would be able to visit the hospital before his return flight.  However, the big dream became reality and in the evening, some of the missionaries gathered with their Peruvian colleagues to give thanks to God.

Diospi Suyana is fighting at many fronts these days,  especially with regard to issues concerning imports and licensing. The meeting with the Peruvian President and the Minister of Health was a gift from God at just the right time.

Diospi Suyana would like to thank Lisa Isaak, Sarah Nafziger, Ryan Morigeau, Simon Giesbrecht and Christian Bigalke for the many photos taken and videos made.

Five seconds before landing
The President (with red poncho) leaving the helicopter. What a good thing that Udo Klemenz built this landing place.
Udo Klemenz
The President greets our hospital’s civil engineer, Udo Klemenz.
Vor dem Spital
The Head of State with the hospital in the background.
Durch die Notaufnahme
Run through of the emergency room.
In Dentallabor mit Präsidenten und Ministerin
In an interview with the President (left) and the Minister of Health (right).
Vor UCI Getümmel
Rapid run through the various wards.
Präsident Bild vor Zahnklinik
Surrounded by staff and children of the hospital.
Dauerlauf 1 red
Dr. John commented to the President, “You are the better athlete of the two of us!” The setting was relaxed and friendly.
Back in the air.

Legend to the cover:  On the left, the Peruvian President Ollanta Humala. In the center is Elias Segovia, the president of the state of Apurimac.  To the right, mission doctors John, pleased about the visit. On the far right, the administrative head of the hospital, Stefan Seiler.

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