The Sign of the Red Flag

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An alternative program

When looking down the hill in Curahuasi, one can see them everywhere.  The Chicha flags.  They indicate the sale of home-brewed corn liquor.  Here, customers can refuel if their alcohol level has dropped.  With a little alcohol in the blood, the suffering of the world is lessened for a little while.  But it has no power to change the circumstances.  Those who are drunk are unable to work.  The house remains dirty and the personal hygiene becomes less than desired.  Violence often rises and the children and spouses are often the victims.  The money disappears into the pockets of the liquor dealers.

We hope that the Diospi Suyana school (seen in the background) will change the thinking of many families here in Curahuasi.  Because of the alcohol abuse here, evangelical Christians in Peru (15% of the population) do not drink a single drop.  Not a bad idea.  Interestingly, the President of the State of Apurimac has the largest liquor brewery in the region.  He earns his money from the misery of the poor.  In the Book of Books it states that each of us will give an account for our actions. / KDJ