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3 Horizontale Wanddurchbohrung direkt unter der Decke

Thank you company Eibenstock

Dear friends, work is progressing slowly but surely in the Hospital’s New Storey.  In the first stage of construction the washbasin consoles for the hand washbasins are being poured into place and this afternoon the windows should be put in place – we live to see it – after our window manufacturer has waited six weeks for a specific aluminium profile for the sliding windows.

In the second stage of construction we are continuing to apply the screed in the four-patient rooms and have started tiling the bathrooms.

In order to install the sewage pipes in the toilets of the conference area we had to drill through several existing concrete ceilings and manifold masonry structures: of course the pipes did not have only one diameter!

Thanks to a generous gift of a core drill complete with core drill bits from the company Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH Eibenstock, based in Eibenstock in the Erzgebirge (Eastern Germany), this is no longer a problem.  At this point a cordial thank you company Eibenstock.

In the hillside behind the media centre we have dug and concreted a further foundation hole for the big satellite dish.  At the Aerial Tower Site the surrounding wall is being plastered on both sides.

A blessed and relaxing weekend in wintry Germany and many greeting from summery Curahuasi, Udo.

1 Betonierte Handwaschbeckenkonsole
Washbasin consoles have been poured into place.
2 Vertikalbohrung durch eine 25 cm dicke Betondecke
Drilling vertically through a 25cm thick concrete ceiling.
4 Beide Bohrungen massgenau gelungen
Precise drilling.
5 Die ausgebohrten Betonkerne
The drilled concrete cores.
6 Fundament für die Satellitenschuessel
The foundation for the satellite dish.
7 Verputzarbeiten an der Ummauerung des Antennenturms
Plastering work for the surrounding wall of the aerial tower site. 
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