Santa Claus for Diospi Suyana

“Hurray, I won a XXL Santa made from chocolate, value: 39 Euros. It is 43 cm high and weighs 1 kg. Immediately I had an idea: I would like to “donate” it to the workers of the hospital Diospi Suyana. But this cannot be done before Christmas — so it has to be changed to a money donation.

My husband works with the company ABB in Minden. During a company meeting, this Santa was eaten, and the dispenser was filled with 100 Euros.

Many thanks to all who donated — I hope it was delicious!”

This E-Mail from Angelika Rahn reached us last night. She has a special relation with one of the workers from the hospital: she is Simone Klingelhöfer’s mother. Simone is our physiotherapist.

Great idea, Frau Rahn. Thank you very much! (3 pics)

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