In Which World Do I Want To Live?

On my way home, I recently noticed several Quechua women sitting inside a house. I was curious and went inside. "What are you doing?" I asked. "We are sorting beans," they replied and giggled self-conscientiously without interrupting their work. While separating the bad beans from the good ones, they had time to talk with each other. 

Maybe this is the opposite of what we call efficiency, and the low productivity would probably drive me crazy. These Quechua woman have very little in common with stock brokers who yell into two mobile phones at the same time. 

The women sorting beans don’t have stock, and they don’t care much about the economic crisis in Greece. When the dollar or euro lose value, their world is hardly effected.

I am back outside, glancing at them one more time. I leave, having a strong suspicion that I just talked to people who are content. /KDJ

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