Ideas for the amphitheatre

Against sun-burn and rain

4,000 people can sit in the amphitheatre, which is located next to the hospital.  In the past few years church services, concerts, theatre performances and film screenings took place here.

It has a lot of potential that Diospi Suyana wants to unlock further in the coming years.  We expect several thousand people to come to our 10th anniversary celebrations end of August.  From 2018 onwards it could provide the backdrop for Christian youth festivals.

The high UV radiation is especially problematic during the dry season.  During the rainy season on the other hand organizing events is challenging due to the unpredictable weather conditions.

The company Malla Flores has offered us a cost-effective solution: a construction of steel and tarpaulin could guarantee the perfect atmosphere all the year round.  Thereby the amphitheatre’s open character would be kept while at the same time the mountains would be visible.  With such an elegant building concept the amphitheatre’s great potential would finally be able to be used properly.

Live-atmosphere under the tarpaulin.
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