A Review of JUCUM

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An activity that should be repeated

JUCUM stands for Juventud con Una Mision (Youth With A Mission).  This international youth movement is active in approximately 180 countries with 18,000 volunteers.  They deliberately began as a non-denominational group.  Their motto is, “To know God and make Him known.”

For two weeks the eight young Christians from Chile where here in Curahuasi, with several of their actions reported on this website.  The highlight was a camp that was offered for teens age 13-18.

Jonas Waltersbacher writes, “Through drama, games, delicious food, and praise the 17 teens courage grew to improve their relationship with Jesus, to live their faith in practice, and to make new friendships.”

On the last day they put into practice what they had learned.  Spontaneously the whole group performed two dances and a skit to those in the waiting room of the hospital.  Then they were able to speak to the waiting patients about their faith.  Many were surprised to see such courage demonstrated by the teens.

Miley left the camp with these words: “Thank you for the invitation; it has really helped me!”  And not just the campers enjoyed the visit, but the missionaries also.

Dafnne Briones from Santiago, Chile talked about her time here in Curahuasi: “This place has really impressed me.  I thought we would do our work here alone, but it was very nice to see how the missionaries supported us immediately and thus were a part of this mission.  Its like a big family that seems to shine the love of God, and not only to Curahuasi, but they were also great role models and a great blessing to us.”

 uns unterstützt haben und somit auch Teil dieses Einsatzes waren. Es ist wie eine große Familie, durch welche die Liebe Gottes scheint. Nicht nur für Curahuasi, sondern auch für uns sind sie ein Vorbild und ein großer Segen.“

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