An incredibly mobile building engineer

1 Die vier Baugruben sind ausgehoben

He has projects from Puno to Chincheros under control

Dear Diospi Suyana Friends, today my weekly update of our building project comes from Chincheros, in the western corner of the Departamento Apurimac, seven hours by car from Curahuasi. It is the second time we are here, looking for the best possible location for our aerial tower.

This afternoon we made a brief stop on the way to look at the building site of subcontractor, who is in charge of the aerial unit in Andahuaylas – we can definitely be pleased with the progress.  The four building pits dug in rocky subsoil, in which the foundations for the masts will be laid, have been excavated and are currently being reinforced.

In Curahuasi the interior work in the Hospital’s New Storey is progressing nicely.  In the meantime the windows of the first and second stage of construction have been fitted with the laminated safety glass and the installation of the ventilation ducts in the second stage of construction has started.  Unfortunately this project is progressing not as swiftly as we had hoped: we constantly have to chase the subcontractor: a tedious enterprise.

Work has started on the orthopaedic workshop around which we have built a screen due to the many patients in the hospital’s entrance area.  The first strip foundations have been excavated on which we have put a subbase of lean concrete.

Best regards from Chincheros, Udo

2 Harte Arbeit im Fels
Hard work in the rocky ground.
3 Einbringen des Estrichs im Treppenhaus
Applying the screed in the stairwell.
4 Verbundsicherheitsglas wird in die Fensterrahmen eingebaut
The laminated safety glass is being fitted.
5 Vorbereitete Holzbohlen fuer den Belag der Fluchtbruecke
Prepared timber laminates for the covering of the emergency bridge.
6 Einbringen von Magerbeton in die Fundamentgräben der Orthopaediewerkstatt
Putting the subbase of lean concrete in the foundations of the orthopaedic workshop.
7 Elektro Sur setzt die Strommasten hoch zur Antenne -im Hintergrund das Colegio-
Elektro Sur is erecting the pylons up to Diospi Suyana’s Aerial Tower.  In the background you can see the Colegio Diospi Suyana.
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