Disturbing news from Peru

Heads of the Peruvian Doctors’ Union of the Essalud Hospitals go on hunger strike

On Tuesday the heads of the Peruvian Doctors’ Union of the Essalud Hospitals went on hunger strike.  With this drastic measure they want to highlight the government’s “shameful omission” of not having prepared Peru for the second Covid-wave.

According to the union’s general secretary Teodoro Quiñones 6,000 specialised doctors – among them 1,500 intensive care physicians – and a further 6,000 intensive care nurses are desperately needed.  As in the first wave the protective clothing and the medical equipment is insufficient in protecting the staff.  Yesterday the New York Times reported extensively about the awful circumstances in Peru.

The following numbers could be found today on the website of the Peruvian National College of Surgeons: 12,175 doctors have contracted Covid, 42 of them are currently patients on intensive care units und 266 colleagues have died due to the Pandemic.

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