The Order is Variable

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That is what makes the project so exciting

The radio and television media center is the fifth major project of Diospi Suyana.  To lead a project to a successful conclusion requires many steps.

-A building site, plans, and the construction team
-Licenses and the corresponding financing
-Technical equipment
-Professional employees who will operate the facility

In the current case, the construction site is situated on the premises of the mission hospital.  The building plans were done free of charge by a certain Jurgen Engel from Mettingen, Germany.  Civil engineer Johannes Bahr directs the construction staff.  In Lima, Diospi Suyana presented license applications to the Ministry of Transport and Communications.  And in finding suitable employees, an Australian family has communicated interest.  Exactly when and in what order all these things come together are in God’s hands.

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On April 22, Dr. John met with the Vice Minister of Communications for the support of Diospi Suyana Media Center.
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