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Radio Diospi Suyana

Diospi Suyana 2017 – July and August

Two unforgettable moments

On 17th July at 2:50 p.m. 18 visitors to our website were waiting to pounce: 12 of them were able to send us a screenshot with the number “Two million”.  One screenshot (Skjermbilde) came from Norway, one email arrived late that evening, we found two of them in our spam filter and the last one came 19 hours later from Australia.  Since 2006 “www.diospi-suyana.org” provides hot-off-the-press Diospi Suyana news on a daily basis.

Nathanael Hach on the phone

Nathanael Hach, working in our logistics department, turned out to be a major asset:  he was able to attract large donations in kind from several companies. In July he had his best month ever.

Dentsply Sirona’s most up-to-date dental equipment

Master dental technician, Tibor Minge, and dentist, Dr. Nikolaus von Abendroth, were key players in getting the large donation in kind from Dentsply Sirona; the company is based in Mannheim.  Implants and the materials needed for implant operations were also a part of the donation worth €24,000.

Two pupils pray.

Three times a year interested pupils, parents and staff get together for a song and prayer evening.  The one held on 21st July will stick in everyone’s minds, since Sophia Oester had prepared six different stations: at one, for example, the children could draw people or houses with chalk and then pray for their relatives and neighbours.

10 years of copyright protection for the Diospi Suyana logos

End of July the Peruvian trademark and patent office Indecopi protected the logos of the Hospital Diospi Suyana, Colegio Diospi Suyana and Radio & TV Diospi Suyana for ten years.

Diospi Suyana in cyber warfare

End of August the attacks on our website reached their sad climax.  Especially web-users from the former Eastern Bloc States and the Arabian World stubbornly attempted to hack “www.diospi-suyana.org” administrator level.  Last summer we experienced 200-300 attacks each day, in one case we had more than 30,000 in a couple of hours.  During such phases our website is flooded and is practically disabled.

Despite hard work the mood is brilliant

No one could deny Nathanael Hach, Karina Pereyra and Cris Quezada, part of our logistics department, their joy, when after a 5-day odyssey Container#58 rolled through the hospital gates full of precious freight.  It was the first time in Diospi Suyana’s history that an articulated lorry broke down on its 1,000km journey from Lima to Curahuasi.  Transport Company Triton said it was due to a technical problem.  In January 2018 we expect Container#62 to arrive.

Victory in the highest Court of Arbitration

Since the Finance Ministry refused to acknowledge “Radio & TV Diospi Suyana” charitable status, we lodged an appeal.  In August we won the court case in front of the “Tribunal Fiscal” in Lima.  The law firm Olaechea legally supported us once again free of charge.

The special case in August

A patient driving his potato-transporter survived the 200m fall, but was critically injured.  He was brought to the Hospital Diospi Suyana with several bone fractures (spine, ribs, clavicle, shoulder) and a lung injury: Pneumothorax.  But that was not all.  He also had an incomplete arm lameness, since he had injured the network of nerves in his armpit and also a facial scalping injury.

The team comprising our anaesthetics (Dr Malisi), accident and general surgery departments took care of the patient immediately and after a three-hour operation, performed by Dr. Reinhard Kühn and Dr. Tim Boeker, the patient looked human again!

Small beings are working feverishly on the roof

Completing the Amphitheatre’s roof in time for the 10th anniversary celebration weekend on 31st August was a gripping race against the clock.  The roof protects large events from the hot sun and the rain.

Dance-formation excels despite the darkness

At the colegio’s folklore festival held on 29th August pupils gave a fantastic dance presentation under clear skies.

The Peruvian President lands on the hospital grounds

Due to a teacher strike it was unclear to the very last minute, if the Peruvian President would attend Diospi Suyana’s 10th anniversary celebration.  But, he did arrive, accompanied by several ministers.  6 weeks before Pedro Pablo Kuczynski had welcomed missionary doctors John and Dr Jens Haßfeld to the Government Palace.  Now the Head of State wanted to see the missionary hospital for himself.

Telling the story of Diospi Suyana one more time

Missionary doctors John gave a 20 minute presentation on Diospi Suyana to an audience made up of 4,000 people in the Amphitheatre (among them the President of Peru) and countless others watching on TV at home.  The large 10th anniversary celebration was broadcast live into all 25 States of Peru.

Numerous VIPs on stage

A police force made up of 550 policemen protected our anniversary celebration from trouble-makers.  As part of the event the hospital’s second storey and our new orthopaedic workshop were inaugurated.  Furthermore, the dignitaries cut through five ribbons around the models of our aerial towers, who Udo Klemenz had crafted himself in time for the event.

For security reasons many guests were not let into the arena

Without doubt the 31st August 2017 was one of the big milestones in the life of Diospi Suyana.  In the past ten years we have treated 270,000 patients and have started work in the following areas: children’s clubs, school, media centre and a steadily increasing level of awareness.  500 reports on the radio, on TV and in newspapers and 2,400 presentations held by the missionary doctors John ensure that an estimated 100 million people worldwide have heard of the work of faith in Peru.  Soli Deo Gloria – to God alone be the glory.