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Workbenches for Quechua children

Never before had the company WPO made a donation of this magnitude.  How it happened was explained to a journalist of Sudwest press by the owner of the company, Michael Kiehl.  A segment from the newspaper article is as follows:

A missionary doctor expressed to me his faith, “Jesus has guided me and led me to you.”  He tells of a hospital and school in the Peruvian Andes. “At first, frankly, I was rather skeptical,” says the Illertisser entrepreneur Michael Kiehl.  His skepticism had it reason, partly in the fact that he himself is not a Christian, but a Buddhist…

…Today Mr. Kiehl is glad to have met with the medical missionary Dr. Klaus-Dieter John. His small-medium sized company WPO makes school furniture and storage items, says helping the people of the Andes is just a good thing.  WPO has helped with new school benches, tables, cabinets, and tools, worth a total of about 15,000 Euro.  Recently came another shipment of 15 cabinets.

The missionary doctor writes on this subject in his second book, which will be on the market in August. “Over the years the most unlikely supporters have added to our list of sponsors.  I was left with my mouth open sometimes as I watched how God led Christians and atheists, Buddhists and Jews, agnostics and mystics, yes-men and naysayers, altruists and egoists, forward to help the work of Diospi Suyana.  In my lectures I always make it clear that I see myself as a follower of Jesus Christ.  I will not bend so that a company boss of a different philosophy favors our work.  However, I hope that all my listeners understand the “miracle” at Diospi Suyana as evidence of God’s work!”

You can read the entire article at the press review in PDF format.

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