We have five building sites on the go

98 days until the big anniversary celebration

Dear Diospi Friends, Curahuasi is currently experiencing an unexpected small rainy season: for three days now we have had cold und unpleasant rainy weather.  The sun puts in an appearance a couple of minutes each day, which results in the fact that we have no warm water, since we are dependent on solar power.  Nevertheless working is progressing well on our building sites.

Amphitheatre: Fa Malla Flores has brought the necessary material on-site for the tent-shaped roof and has set up the site facilities.  For our big anniversary celebration on 31st August marking 10 years of the Hospital Diospi Suyana this interesting construction should be completed.

Orthopaedic Workshop: the roof covering has been encased, the non-load bearing partitioning walls are being erected and as the outside finery is finished we have started work on the inner finery.  The steel profiles for the roof truss have arrived on the building site and the subcontractor has started welding.

Hospital Extension: is progressing quickly.  Tiling is continuing in the intensive care unit and in the next few days a subcontractor will start erecting the necessary partitioning walls.  The toilet conversion is complex, but is going ahead steadily.  In the mean time the large (60 x 60 cm) floor tiles for the wards have arrived and can be put into place

Aerial unit in Casabamba: a 2.6m deep test pit has been dug and at the moment the soil evaluation is being performed.  We hope to award the contract for the structural work within the next few days.

Rainforest in Puerto Maldonado: the subcontractor has started excavating the large individual foundations for the 50m high antenna.

I wish you a relaxing and blessed long weekend!  Udo.

The material for the steel construction of the tent-shaped roof.
The roof of the orthopaedic workshop
The window embrasures of the orthopaedic workshop are being plastered.
Preparing the steel profiles for the roof of the orthopaedic workshop.


The intensive care unit still without its partitioning walls.
Transporting the tiles across the new bridge.
Excavating the test pit in Casabamba.
In the middle of the rainforest. Here near the city of Puerto Maldonado Diospi Suyana’s 50m high antenna will be built.
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