First vulvar cancer operation

Dr Miriam Boeker and Dr Jens Haßfeld put their heads together

If two gifted gynaecologists are standing together at an operating table, the chance that their surgical intervention will be successful is fairly high.  And even more so if anaesthetist Dr Tobias Malisi ensures an uncomplicated anaesthesia.  Two days ago Dr Boeker and Dr Haßfeld operated on a Quechua-Indian who had vulvar cancer.  This type of cancer, from which usually elderly women suffer, develops a tumour in the vaginal opening.

During Tuesday’s operation the tumour and the Sentinal lymph node in the groin were removed.  If no cancerous cells are found in the lymphatic glands, the woman is deemed to be healed.

Currently the Hospital Diospi Suyana has the following surgical staff: two qualified gynaecologists, an urologist, a general surgeon, a traumatologist and an ophthalmologist.  Next year we expect the arrival of a vascular surgeon and a second ophthalmologist.  The capacity of our four operating theatres has almost been reached.  We hope that by next year three further theatres will be ready.  Of course we will then need more anaesthetists and operating-room nurses.

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