An accident has its aftermath – four years later

The motive of the donation was gratitude

Hello Diospi Suyana, … The story is this: My wife and I did a bike trip through South America in 2019 (8,400 km, 6 months). Between Lima and Pisco a mototaxi ran us over. In the process, my wife caught a decent hematoma on her left elbow. This was operated on three weeks later by Dr. Boeker at your clinic on November 6, 2019. This house with its social claim has impressed us heavily; a blessing for the people in the region!

Recently, in our medical association (I am a general practitioner), we reported on this trip and described your house in detail. The collection of donations afterwards brought 750,20 €. I spiked this up a bit more….

If you are interested in the details, you can consult our website:

The accident: The treatment in Curahuasi:

Many greetings from Fritz Witten from Wolfburg

Patient Karin back on the bike after treatment
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