Where Is The Quechua Woman going?

A Quechua Indian woman is sitting on a donkey with her child. A nice image of tranquility. The panoramic view of the Andes mountains is lovely. The woman exudes calm and peacefulness. Man, animal and their surrounding are one. An idyllic moment in Peru.

But why does the woman ride on a donkey? She can’t afford a car and the road system is only rudimentary. Have you ever walked or rode a donkey for 10km during the rainy season?

Take a look at her mouth. All front teeth are missing. The lack of medical care is obvious also in regards to dental care. It is not easy to eat a tough piece of meat without teeth.

How is the kid doing? Almost all Quechua kids in Apurímac have worms. Where could this woman take her child in case it had appendicitis or broke a leg?

In the background, you can see to adobe buildings. Most Quechuas in Apurímac live in these kind of houses. Temperatures can drop below 0 degrees (celsius) at night, depending on the altitude. Central heating is unheard of here. Whoever is cold at night can only find comfort in the thought that the sun will rise again in 8 hours.

In the valley bellow, a modern hospital is being built. In about 10 months it will open its doors to the Quechuas. Then, this woman will be able to take her kid to Curahuasi, where she will be treated with respect, love and know-how. And, it is truly worth your while to support the missions hospital.

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