What Are The Strengths Of Diospi Suyana?

Diospi Suyana is a faith-based project. We are convinced that by trusting in God the impossible becomes possible – if it is the will of God. Today, Diospi Suyana is what it is due to the many miraculous events that have happened over the passed six years; events that can’t be explained by human reasoning.

Our faith not only gives us strength to dare to do the impossible but also gives us the patience and perseverance to never give up.

Diospi Suyana has many supporters and friends. Over 90% of the donations are from private individuals. And up to now, more than 2000 individuals have donated once, more than 1000 individuals have donated twice and over 700 friends have sent donations of any amount three times.

Diospi Suyana is a project that is based on relationships. The goal of our work is to improve the medical and social conditions in which the Quechuas live in the Peruvian Andes. What remains are faith, love and hope (1. Corinthians 13).

Photo 1: Dr Martina John kneeling in front of a Quechua boy who suffers from epilepsy.

Photo 2: Simone Klingerhoefer helping children with their art work during the Kids’ Club.

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