Viewers have their say

The television report by Deutsche Welle has deeply touched countless people. Here are some comments:

Congratulations! Today you have enriched my day and given me hope that there are still people who are moved by their convictions and not by money. Mary A. from Chile

(Your work) helps me think and feel. Without a doubt the hand of God rests on you. Congratulations! Mirtha C. from Uruguay

I am from Delhi in India. I just heard about your mission on the television show Deutsche Welle. I wish you the very best. I will try to help you . How can I contribute to your work? Varun G. from India

I congratulate you on your work. I am a lecturer at the University of Javeriana in Bogotá and belong to the Faculty of Medicine. I would like to help you. Nancy L. from Colombia

This television report on Deutsche Welle is a significant contribution and will hopefully bring many people to the history and vision of Diospi Suyana connection. Joshua S. from England

I understand that your hospital is dependent on God, and in my opinion, that’s awesome. I would also like to help the hospital. I found out about you and your business through Deutsche Welle. Yonny E. from Bolivia

Congratulations …! Please inform me how I can support your work regularly. Rubén L. from Guatemala

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