The unknown woman from Hamburg

Nobody can remember how we came in touch with Mrs. Annemarie Mikolassek. Nevertheless, the director of “DHL Global Forwarding” for overseas transports became a key contact for Diospi Suyana.

Through her good connections to different shipping companies, she achieves abundant sponsorship for the hospital’s transports, again and again.

Her emails are often clear and brief. She wrote yesterday:

“CMA-CGM will also support us with this container; carriage paid, as usual – only the additional fee has to be paid.

Presentation (to customs) January 30 ok – please name the exact address

– Shipping Torge S ets 4.2. eta 25.2.

– FOB costs will be paid by us (DHL) …”

The inland shipping of container No. 21 will be paid by “DHL Global Forwarding GmbH” in three weeks, and the overseas shipping will be paid by CMA-CGM.

Dr. John wants to meet the good “fairy” personally at the end of January.

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