Preparations for the Construction of the Amphitheater

From Monday November 14 an amphitheater will be constructed alongside the hospital. All of the protestant churches in the district but also some Catholic Christians want to participate in the construction as volunteers. On the first day, 20 Protestant pastors set the example by hauling rocks.

The many stone terraces of the amphitheater will provide seating for approximately 3000 people. Concerts, cinema presentations and church services are to counteract the lack of prospects of the mountain villages. Unfortunately, alcohol continues to be the major leisure activity. Diospi Suyana is pursuing an integral approach in the name of the love of Christ.

The “” website is collecting gifts this year to finance this unique construction.

Previous photo: Computer simulation of the open-air theater

Photo 2: chalk markings of the terraces

Photo 3: Protestant pastors draw lots for the date when it is their church´s turn.

Vorheriges Bild: Eine Computersimulation des Freilichttheaters.

Bild 2: Kreidezeichnung der Terrassen

Bild 3: Evangelische Pastoren ziehen Lose mit einem Datum. Jede Gemeinde kommt an die Reihe.

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