One of the First Pioneers to Return

Last Friday afternoon Markus Rolli and his wife Juliane travelled from Switzerland to Germany to meet with Olaf Böttger and Dr. Klaus John. They are eager to be missionaries at Hospital Diospi Suyana and plan to stay for 3 years. Even so, by the end of the interview the term of their service had been stretched out to 7 years!

In 2003, Markus and Klaus spent 3 weeks travelling together in South America looking for the best location for the new mission hospital. The story is told in the hospital´s book…..


“In mid- January (2003) we flew together to Bolivia. During the flight we reliefed our pent up emotions with chess. Throughout the next 3 weeks we would mentally prepare ourselves with 100 games of chess for more than 30 intense meetings……” (from the book, “I Have Seen God”).

Swiss-born Markus Rolli will work in the hospital in the area of maintenance. His wife Juliane, who is Hungarian, plans to work in the area of women´s and children´s ministry. In the past we have had other Swiss missionaries, but Juliane will be our first Hungarian team-mate.

We are very much looking forward to the couple´s arrival in Peru in April, 2011.

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