Now and Then

Since its inauguration on August 31, 2007, 16 important improvements were made to the hospital. 

1)  We added a wood workshop.

2) We finished the walkways around the hospital.

3) The state built out the access road to the hospital, including light posts.
4)  We installed a photovoltaic system for the exterior hospital lighting.

5) We built a well (60 meters deep) which provides about 15,000 liters of water per hour.
6) We installed additional solar cells for he water heating system as well as a central heating system.
7) We added a roof in front of the emergency room.
8) We built a dental clinic as well as an eye clinic.

9) A heliport for helicopter landings and take offs has been used a number of times

10) We finished a shed for the garden tools and utensils.

11) We planted numerous plants and more than a hundred trees.
12) We built additional sustaining walls behind the hospital building.

13) We built an additional roof to protect the hospital’s electrical system.
14) We finished a vista platform above the water cisterm that can be used for parties.
15) We enlarged the gate keepers office to offer about 35 people protection from the rain at night.
16) We added an adventure playground for kids.
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