Medical Visit to village of Ccoripampa

An adobe house with a corrugated tin roof and a pressed clay floor is the typical consulting room for Dr. George. The patients pay 2 Soles (half a Euro) for the examination. Medication is available at no cost.

Photo 1: (Previous picture) About 100 patients are examined and treated in this house in the two days.

Photo 2: Dr. George at his desk. He is sitting on a plastic box, taking notes.

Photo 3: Dr. Martina John checks an Indian´s lungs. The man has pneumonia.

Photo 4: The paediatrician talking to an Indian mother who is concerned about her baby.

Photo 5: Dr. George is well-equipped, with a portable ultrasound scanner

Bild 3: Dr. Martina John hört die Lungen eines Indianers ab. Der Mann leidet an einer Lungenentzündung.

Bild 4: Die Kinderärztin im Gespräch mit einer Indianermutter, die um ihr Baby besorgt ist.

Bild 5: Dr. George ist gut ausgerüstet, hier mit einem tragbaren Ultraschallgerät.

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