We all of have to die one day, the only question is how and when.

How? We members of Diospi Suyana belief that the tomb of Jesus is empty. The resurrection of Christ is the basis of our hope of eternal life. Death is not the end and our faith in God gives a new view of the after life. There is no reason for despair.

When? Statistically, our time of death depends on where we live. In Germany and the US, people have a life expectancy of +/- 80 years, an age the Quechua Indians can only dream of.

Most Quechuas living in the Andes do not have the advantage of proper medical treatment. Child mortality is frighteningly high and, as a consequence, the overall life expectancy is lowered.

We can be thankful that we are living in a Western country. We are ‘fortunate’ and the Quechua Indians are ‘unfortunate.’ And in the middle of this world full of questions, a missionary hospital, serving the poor Quechua Indians, is being built in Curahuasi in Southern Peru. This hospital deals with the “how’ and “when” of the Quechua people.