Pilar Nores attends the opening ceremony of the Media Centre

Rasenflaeche1 red

400 were in attendance

Blue sky and sunshine.  Pilar Nores (First Lady of Peru from 1985-1990 and from 2006-2011), members of staff and guests celebrated the opening of Diospi Suyana’s Media Centre.  Sebastian Zilieri, head of “Caretas”, the oldest weekly magazine Peru’s, is also in attendance, as is one of his photographers from Lima.  The ceremony consisted of speeches and musical performances.  Almost all speakers linked Diospi Suyana’s newest project to God’s blessing and provision.  Dr Klaus John thanked engineer Johannes Bahr and all his team for the excellent realisation of the building project.  It is the long-term goal to broadcast all of Diospi Suyana’s programmes into the farthest corners of Peru.  At 6 p.m. the former First Lady of Peru cut the ribbon.

Afterwards invited guests took part in the first talk-show in the Diospi Suyana TV-studio.  Jesus Hurtado and Jose Sáenz showed a short film they had made, which outlined the highlights of Diospi Suyana.  Referring to this film Doris Manco interviewed her studio-guests, asking them about the history of and the future vision for Diospi Suyana.

Later that evening the celebratory meal took place in the conference room of the Media Centre.  We thank God for this great opportunity to reach countless people via radio and TV.  (*First Lady of Peru 1985-1990 and 2006-2011)

Tina Einweihung red
Dr Martina John cordially welcomes all the guests.
Jose Saenz
Jose Sáenz was the moderator.
Jesus Hurtado
Jesus Hurtado is thankful for past blessings and looks full of confidence into the future.
Kinder Musik
The music of a school ensemble touches the listeners’ hearts.
Chris Welch Einweihung
The Australian Chris Welch delivers his first official speech in Spanish.
Menge am Abend
A festive atmosphere in the late afternoon.
Carlos Einweihung
Carlos Aymituma explains why he swapped his TV-production company in Lima for a job at Diospi Suyana.
Rotes Band teaser
Pilar Nores cuts the red ribbon. On the left: Sebastian Zilieri, Doris Manco and the mayor Danilo Valenza. Missionary doctors John beamingly watch the events unfolding.
Studio Zuschauer
The guests of honour wait for the talk-show to start.
Schminken Doris
Doris Manco just before going on stage.

Talkshow Diospi Suyana red red

The first ever TV-recording in Diospi Suyana’s TV-Studio.

Gruppenfoto team
Group Photo of the media team: Pilar Nores is the 4th from the right.
Nachts Blick auf Zentrum
The empty fairground later that night.
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