Between Elections, Inca Walls And The World Cup

Hi Olaf and Klaus,

Another week has gone by quickly, and after the exciting presidential election, we are now awaiting the World Cup.

Tonight we had heavy rains, which is unusual, and the construction is nicely free of dust. The walls of the ICU are almost done. The foundation of the emergency ward and the x-ray ward are almost laid. At the same time, we are working on the water lines, which are being laid in a time-consuming manner by hand (photo 1). The same is true in regards to the excavation for the church building.

The second story roof of the ward is being finished, and most of the beams are already set in concrete (photo 4). The Inca load bearing wall on the south side is as far as we can get at this point and we are caulking it (photo 3). The ancient Incas, by the way, did not need any caulking. Their stones were perfectly finished, so they could be set without grouting.

Well, that’s it from the construction site. I hope you enjoy an exciting soccer weekend.

All the best, Udo

Photo 2: The west wing, ward and ICU.

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