2007 Is Here And So Is Diospi Suyana

The last digit of the year has changed but everything has remained unchanged: the need of the people living in the Peruvian Andes has remained unchanged and so has Diospi Suyana’s answer.

Tomorrow the construction work will resume. The following tasks will keep us busy over the next three months:

1. The hospital roof, scheduled to be finished by the end of February.

2. The plastering of the exterior and interior.

3. The laying of the copper pipes for the medical gases 4. The instalation of the venting pipes.

5. The purchase of a transformer.

6. The ordering of the windows and tiles.

7. The shipping of the containers still in Germany is scheduled for February.

8. The arrival of three new team members in about three weeks.

In 2007, we will continue to inform you about our progress here on this site. Trusting in God, we will be able to manage the transition from hospital construction to operation.

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