After 10 days on the island…


… the mainland is calling

Dr. John’s “Emerald Isle Tour 2016“ ended last night.  During the 10 days he spent there over 1,200 people attended the 16 events.  The red dots on the map mark the places that he has visited in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland to date.

On Wednesday he was interviewed in the BBC-studio in Londonderry, the second largest town in Northern Ireland.  Reporter Mark Patterson came straight to the point: “Dr. John, the title of your book is “I have seen God.” Could you please enlighten me as to what God looks like?”  Is there a better leading question to reveal the wonder-full story of Diospi Suyana?

After a presentation in Clooney Hall the German-Peruvian is approached by a young female doctor: “Today this was the second talk about Diospi Suyana I attended; my first one was last November in Australia!”  This “wiedersehen” (reunion) had to be photographed!

Tomorrow, Saturday, the next presentation tour begins: destinations are Germany and Switzerland.

Wednesday afternoon: a live-interview with BBC Northern Ireland.
In the studio. The reporter’s first question: “What does God look like?”
Dr. Heather Agnew has attended two Diospi Suyana presentations: one in Australia, the second in Europe.
Letitia Moffitt organised most of the talks. She is holding an edition of the Irish News, which contains a big article on Diospi Suyana.
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