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Work is progressing behind schedule in Sicuani

Lorries transporting the iron girders for the tower should be arriving about now

The head of the building company was contrite. He gave the following reasons for the slow building progress: the frequent heavy rain and the “not-ideal” work-morale of the local workers.  Be that as it may when everything is finished the contractual penalty for the late completion of the project will be calculated exactly.

The above picture shows the foundation for the 50-metre-high tower.  The cement blocks are almost three metres deep.  This week some technicians will erect the steel frame.  At the same time the 1.3km long power line coming up from the valley should also be completed.

Being positively inclined people who focus on the plusses and not the minuses, we are sure that when Doris Manco, head of our Media Centre, returns from her honeymoon she will bring new momentum into the building projects of the transmission stations.

At our location in Abancay we will shortly be able to install the antennae and further technical components.  We will keep you in the loop via our website.

As a protection against break-ins: we need a free space of four metres between the wall and the embankment.
The steel posts for the satellite antenna.  On the left you can see the tool shed coming into existence.
In Lima a lorry is being loaded with the 50m-tower.

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