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Work continues in the kindergarten building and the operating theatre wing

The results are certainly something to be proud of

Dear Friends of Diospi Suyana, this week, in which we did a lot of nitty gritty work, sped by.  It started rather heavily, but it is common that after a three day bank holiday weekend one needs a while to get back into the swing of things.

The ground floor washbasin has been stripped of the formwork and the screed has been applied in the toilets, located behind it.  The tiles and the tile cement for this area have been delivered and the newly re-employed tilers can start their work on Monday.

The rough concrete floor in Group Room 3 is being prepared for the screed, while two plasterers are working on the other side of the building in Group Room 1.

As the old jumping pit extends at some places to under the balconies we have reduced it by 50cms and have filled the gap with lean concrete.  Concrete panels are being arranged under the balconies.

Moving to the upper floor: we have started stripping the roof of the formwork and have started erecting the missing partition walls for the hall’s toilets and the small kitchen.  In the ramp area two people are busy reinforcing, encasing and concreting the stiffening columns and the ring beams: extremely fiddly work.

Partition walls and curtains for the five beds have been put in the hospital’s wake-up room.  Oebele de Haan and team have greatly improved the atmosphere through this modification.

That is all from Curahuasi.  Wishing you a relaxing and blessed weekend, Udo

Preparing the floor in the toilets’ anteroom (with sink) for the screed.
Concreting the screed in the children’s toilets.
Reducing the size of the former jumping pit.
Stripping the formwork of the last section of the roof.
Building the brick wall for the future back wall of the stage.
Making the stiffening columns and ring beams for the balustrades.
From time to time the accruing building debris has to be transported away.
The wake-up room has been tidily partitioned off.  You can tell that Oebele de Haan is pleased with the final result.
Three freshly operated-on patients are lying on the left.  On the right you can see an examination table for new-borns.  Behind the shelves (not visible in the picture) there is space for a further bed.  A rare sight since the twins Tabea and Ruth Nusser are not wearing exactly the same colours.