Word break of the regional government

On January 18 the opening ceremony for the paving of the hospital’s entrance road took place in the presence of mass media journalists. David Salazar, President of the State of Apurímac, gave his word that the work would take only 45 days. Right now 52 days have passed and these are the results:

1) Not one square meter of ground has been paved.

2) Still missing is the wooden planks for molding, rebar for the paving and fuel for the machinery.

3) Only 15% of the needed cement mix has been delivered.

4) Because of the preparation of the road, all cars needing to enter the hospital must take a long detour around the back of the hospital.

5) Many of the government ministers have been replaced within the last 2 month.

6) The few weary laborers continuing at the roadworks are still waiting for their February salaries.

In reality, so far there has been no progress except to incur expenses. Unfortunately, this is a common outcome in Peruvian bureaucracy

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