Where is currently no building work taking place?

63 days until the big anniversary celebration

Dear Diospi Friends, this week closes with a very welcome bank holiday weekend.  The public holiday San Pedro y San Pablo (Peter and Paul) was moved from Thursday to Friday and Saturday’s 5.5 working hours were moved forward to the Friday which means that the bank holiday weekend starts after lunch on Friday.  It may sound like a complicated solution, but it is a good one for all concerned.

The interior of the Hospital’s new storey is progressing speedily.  In the first stage of construction floor tiles are being laid in the long corridor: once finished all tiling work in this stage will be completed.  The installation technician has started installing the sanitary facilities (toilet bowls, wash basins, fittings, etc).  The electrician has been kept busy with the LED-lamps, switches and sockets.

The tiling work in the conversion of the toilet facilities is complete, now our focus moves to the doors and the suspended ceilings.  The painting in the second stage of construction has been completed and there are currently no further activities to report in this area.

The subcontractor has his work cut out with the significant drywall works in the third stage of construction.  The roof of and the screed works in the Orthopaedic Workshop have been completed.

A few of us are working solely on the clean-up and face lift activities in preparation for the big anniversary celebration, e.g. tidying up the construction site equipment in the Orthopaedic Workshop, renovating the patients’ waiting room and the porter’s lodge, clearing up the storage area and around the helipad (Peru’s President will be flying in by helicopter), giving the container-unloading-ramp a good scrub, etc.

The Amphitheatre’s big, curved main supporting beam has been welded and awaits being hoisted into place.  The Amphitheatre’s rear wall has been reinforced and further foundations have been laid in order that the rear supports can be put in place.  We hold our breath as to how the next few steps of the mounting work will progress.

And finally the update of antenna building sites: the final inspection of the construction work in Puerto Maldonado will definitely happen next Thursday.

The subcontractor in Puno is putting more effort into moaning about the cold temperatures at an altitude of 4,200m than into completing the aerial tower.  In Casabamba on the other hand the work is progressing nicely and in theory the 50m high antenna could be erected within the next few days.

So far the building site news from Peru.  Wishing you a blessed weekend, Udo and Team.

The first few sanitary facilities are in place in the first stage of construction.
A few LED-bulbs grace my office.
Screed works in the Orthopaedic Workshop.
Renovating the patients‘ waiting room at the main entrance.
A foundation with 8 anchor screws for the rear supporting stanchions.
The column footing and the anchor plate.
The welded front main supporting beam.
Our building site in Casabamba.
Our building site in Puno.
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