Without these two we would soon have to close the hospital

Medical technicians Tobias Lächele and Cesar Martel are always there when they are needed

In some far corner many missionary hospitals have a kind of scrap heap where old, no longer used devices and those that no one really knows how to repair find their last resting place.  At Diospi Suyana we make sure that broken machines are repaired as quickly as possible.  The German Tobias Lächele and Peruvian Cesar Martel make up our medical technic team.  By means of a hotline they can be reached 24/7.  Furthermore, Tobias arranges important company meetings for Dr John that the missionary doctor attends on his travels.  In the past this combination has proved invaluable several times.

Cesar Martel had suggested this project.  By means of three sensors the air pressure, oxygen and the vacuum system can be monitored using one’s mobile.
Repairing two operating-lamps.  Tobias has to stretch as far as he can.
The lamps shine again as in their heyday.
Three new centrifuges in the blood bank.  Tobias had organised Dr John’s appointment at the company Sigma in Osterrode – How could it be otherwise!