Without courage, we won’t get far in 2023

A weekend seminar of the Diospi Suyana Community

What does courage mean for Christians when the wind blows in their faces? A good 80 adults and 40 children took part in the various events on the theme of “Courage”. The presentations were given by Dr. Benjamin Zeier, Dr. Oliver Schmidt, Dr. Martina John and Dr. Klaus-Dieter John. The preparations for the seminar rested on many shoulders. A special thank you to Sabine Teichert and Hanna Tielmann for their outstanding commitment. The music team around John Lentink contributed significantly to the good atmosphere.

On New Year’s Eve, the employees commemorated courageous personalities from politics, culture and the arts with their disguises. They ranged from a Scottish freedom fighter to women’s rights activists to Agent 007.

At a late hour Diospi Suyana said goodbye to the Werner family with funny sketches and films. Pit Werner has led the workshop department since 2021 with a lot of experience. His wife Martha contributed as a psychologist. For her son Danilo, schooling will soon continue at a Gummersbach high school. We combine our thanks with the best blessings for their new beginning in Germany.

When the meeting ended on Sunday after lunch together, it was clear to everyone that courage should be an important quality for all followers of Jesus Christ. Goliat – made in survival size by our Peruvian administrative assistant Judith – looked grim in the background. The message of the contributions was convincing. Trusting in God, even the greatest challenges can be overcome. With this in mind, the Diospi Suyana team enters 2023 full of confidence.

(Caption above: Sonja Müller is missing on the group picture, as she took the photos).

Disguises on the theme: brave personalities
There was a lot of laughter during the group dynamic games.
Farewell to the Werner family (from left to right: Martha and Pit Werner and their son Danilo. Tobias Lächele speaks on the right).
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