We pray for Dr. Amy George and her Family

Amy und Allen George Familie slider

Please pray with us

Dr Allen George and his wife Amy were very helpful while we were looking for a location of our mission hospital in 2003.  The US-Americans knew the area around Abancay inside and out. They supported us by word and deed in all authority matters.

In January 2004, shortly before the start of our presentation tour through Germany, the Hiob’s message/jeremiad reached us:  Amy has a brain tumor! The tumor was large, aggressive and the diagnosis technically fatal.  After the operation, it took only a few months for the tumor to return. Amy found herself on the operating table again.

The neuro-surgeon was one of Allen’s former colleagues whilst at college.  Back then he left the operating room with sad eyes and said: “George, I did everything possible, but I couldn’t remove the tumor tissue entirely.”  That was the death sentence for the end of 2004 where four little children were soon to be without their mother and a medical missionary without his wife.

A call for prayer followed via email and telephone.  Thousands of people who knew about the Georges’ work in Peru took to their knees in prayer.  The miaculous occurred and instead of dying within a few months, Amy cheerfully continued to do well.  The family stayed intact and against all statistics 10 years passed with only minimal complaints.

In October 2015, Amy had several seizures and a MRI-examination was made. The picture revealed a large oven in her brain. Within the next days Amy will be operated on for the third time.

Normally we don’t report about sicknesses within our circle of friends on this website. But this time we will make an exception. Pray for Amy, Allen and their four children Sarah, Ben, Mia and Paul.

On May 24th 2005, Dr Allen George held a significant speech turning the first sod of soil for the hospital.  In front of 3,000 listeners he said: “My wife Amy’s brain tumor was operated on last year. We learned only that which we did for God has a permanent significance!” Dr Allen George and Dr Amy George would be grateful for your prayers.  And maybe you want to send them an encouraging email in English. allen.george@sim.org (KDJ)

Beim ersten Spatenstich mit Allen slider a
Laying down the first stone on 24 May, 2005. Dr. Allen George is standing next to me .
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