How is Diospi Suyana in reality?

Lacri und Estera mit Tina slider

Two Romanian doctors want to know

A week ago Dr. Estera Decean and Dr. Lacri Pop heard a presentation by Dr. Klaus John in Alba lulia, Romania. Now the neonatologist and the pediatrician are in Curahuasi. On Wednesday they accompanied Dr. Martina John in the treatment of a newborn after a C-section. Answering the question of how she perceives the hospital in comparison to the presentation, Dr. Pop states:” The hospital is a lot bigger and nicer than the power-point presentation had me believe!”

It is this combination of most modern medicine for the poorest patients, which leaves such a lasting impression on the foreign visitors. And yet the hospital developed through chaining providence and answers to prayers. God became visible in this story. Whoever can’t imagine that God is acting in real in the 21st century should just have a look into the book of Diospi Suyana. “I have seen God” (Lion Hudson).

We are hopeful that we can count on many voluntary coworkers from Romania in the upcoming years. (Dr. Decean upper left, Dr. Lacri Pop in the middle of the picture)

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