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Radio Diospi Suyana

Like a crenellated castle

The Media Centre’s new storey makes a solid impression

Hello Friends, the outer walls of the new storey are almost built, bar the bit around the ramp.  One after the other the stiffening columns are encased and concreted, a difficult and risky task.  Unfortunately we do not have facade scaffolding.  However, we make do with our aluminium scaffolding platform on wheels.  The not so massive inner walls are next on our to-do list.  For static reasons the office partitions will be made from lightweight partition walls.

We were very thankful that we cemented up the stairwell hole of the sliding ladder last week, since on Monday night it rained so heavily that we had a 4cm deep lake on the roof; the outside walls had no hole in them and thus they acted as a dam.  Germany and England are not the only countries which are currently experiencing crazy weather patterns – in Peru we are experiencing an unusual amount of rain in the middle of the dry season.

Today I would also like to report on our aerial tower building site in Echarati.  Echarati is located on the edge of the rainforest at an altitude of 1010m above sea-level – the building site itself is at 1891m.  One needs an hour by SUV driving over bumpy tracks to reach the site.  The subcontractor, who is performing the work for us, is currently four weeks behind the prescribed schedule.  The reasons that he gives for the delay are: extremely wet, cold and misty weather, the difficulty of getting materials to the site and the challenge of finding able workmen, who are prepared to work in out-of-the-way places and who are generally used to working in the tropical climate found in the valleys.  The quality of the work, however, is satisfactory.  We will see how the building site progresses also regarding the erecting of the aerial tower and the agreed contractual penalty.

Wishing you a blessed and relaxing weekend with bearable temperatures, Udo.

The encasing of the oblique-angled corner support is somewhat complicated.
We move our aluminium scaffolding platform by hand.
We carry the concrete for the supports in buckets.
Encasing a stiffening column.
The splice bars for the reinforcement columns are welded onto the dowelled anchor plate.
The four building pits for the tower’s foundations have been excavated.
The walls of the 3m high encasing of the aerial tower are plastered.