Why should we hide the best?

A TV station such as “Deutsche Welle” broadcasting a detailed report on Diospi Suyana, have their reasons. Diospi Suyana will be made known with today’s report, which is available in English, Spanish, German and Arabic, across the world. Some viewers may want to know what is the meaning of the term "mission hospital" 

The term "mission" of course relates to faith. There are 3 principle reasons for the choice of these words.

1. Diospi Suyana is a modern high-tech hospital serving the Quechua Indians of the Peruvian Andes. It offers a standard of care on a par with western medicine anywhere. This "miracle" project was made possible through answered prayers and a chain of individual events. The story reads like a crime novel, fascinating to both Christians and non-Christians alike. As pioneers of the work we saw with our own eyes, God at work in the establishment of Diospi Suyana. Because of this, the book detailing the work of Diospi Suyana is titled “ A Visible God – Diospi Suyana a Hospital of Hope”! Many readers can’t put the book down once they start, reading the book in a single night. The 6th edition has already been published by BrunnenVerlag in 2013.

2. Jesus Christ himself was dedicated to healing the sick, and bringing relief to the poor. His disciples hold follow his example and Diospi Suyana is leading the way – just like the founders of the "Red Cross", the Salvation Army, the Christian Blind Mission, World Vision and countless others who were and are, dedicated Christians. Our commitment to serve the poorest of the poor in Peru is due of our desire to follow the “Great Samaritan” and not purely for humanitarian motives.

3.  Even though Diospi Suyana practices medicine on a daily basis, we know that the ultimate solution to end human suffering is not found in prescribing medications, nor in interventive procedures, nor even in life-saving surgeries. Sooner or later, we will all die one day. The key question is “What comes after death?” Jesus Christ promised that anyone who believes in Him would have eternal life to heaven. The staff of Diospi Suyana is convinced this is true. Therefore, each working day at the hospital begins with a chapel service and a prayer reminding each one of the reasons we are here. / KDJ

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