Why is Dr. Engelhard smiling?

Dr. Oliver Engelhard, his wife Birgit and their 3 children live on the sunny side of the world. This place can be found in the highlands of Peru, in a town called, Curahuasi. As a doctor of Internal Medicine, he treats patients in the Outpatient Clinic of the hospital. What can be more satisfying than helping the impoverished indigenous people of the Andes Mountains? It is no wonder that Dr. Engelhard looks happy.

As well as his usual job, he is responsible for the Laboratory, the Farmacy, Endoscopy and the Emergency Department. This keeps him busy enough, and a good thing too as the saying goes “Idleness is the beginning of all vices”!

He is also “Mr. Clean” and therefore is happy about the arrival of the Sterilium bottles from the Bode Company. Order and cleanliness are of course a high priority in the mission hospital.

In the Western World the question that may come is mind is – Why are they working so hard? Normally people work hard in their jobs to move up in the company hierarchy. However, here in Diospi Suyana everyone puts in their best effort because they are only interested in providing the best care for the patients. This is appeal of the work and in it they bring hope to all.

Who knows what really was going through Dr Engelhard’s mind when he smiled for the camera, but we know this is how he thinks.

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