Why does a Peruvian holding group support Diospi Suyana?

A TV show – a visit – a friendship

It’s a story reminiscent of Bill Gates. Sra. Advíncula (center) grew up in poor conditions in the Peruvian mountains. Even as a teenager, she thought a lot about the meaning of life. One day, the 14-year-old sat down in the back row of a church. What happened next she will never forget. She made the decision that morning to trust God forever. She would follow Jesus Christ and make her decisions according to His will. Sounds pious. What happened to it?

The simple country girl from the mountains of Junin State became a successful businesswoman. Today, her family owns several restaurant chains in the capital Lima with over 400 employees and a steep growth curve.

After watching a television program about Diospi Suyana, she visited Diospi Suyana Hospital with her son Victor (left) on January 3, 2022. The two didn’t talk much during their tour of the hospital. But before she left, the self-made millionaire noted, “Diospi Suyana has totally strengthened my faith in God!”

It was not long before the family began to actively support the mission hospital and Colegio Diospi Suyana.

Yesterday, Dr. John spoke by invitation to 70 employees at La Leña chicken restaurant. For an hour, employees heard why the founding family of the Advíncula Holding Group was so passionate about a missionary work in southern Peru.

At the end of his remarks, the German-Peruvian came to talk about the commonalities. “The Advíncula Family and Diospi Suyana count in the same way on the reality of God. We are convinced that God not only exists, but is even interested in all people!”

Place of the meeting yesterday morning at the restaurant La Leña in the district of San Borja
70 interested employees of the chain “La Leña” sat closely on closely.
Sra. Advíncula speaks to the staff: “At Diospi Suyana, the power of God becomes visible. That is why we are happy to help the plant in Curahuasi. Because God also determines how we invest our finances!”
Peruvian food culture at its best.