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Radio Diospi Suyana

Who would be so stupid?

Perhaps you or someone you know well

It is surely great news that Diospi Suyana is growing.  That is why we need helping hands in most of our departments.  Our team of staff currently numbers 270 active members, 60 of which are missionaries.  As Diospi Suyana does not pay them a salary, they have to organise a support-network for themselves.  They commit to Diospi Suyana for a minimum of three years and most of them have to learn Spanish.

But what have we got to offer?  Hard work, financial forfeiture and all the risks that a life in a country like Peru brings with it.

Who would be so stupid to embark on something like that?  Currently over 200 volunteers from several countries and from all sorts of professions have taken the step to come to Peru.

Currently we are desperately looking for anaesthetists, teeth laboratory assistants and medical engineers.

Perhaps you may now be asking yourself what is the point of such a long stint if Diospi Suyana does not even pay you.  Here is my answer: You have great chances to experience how God, who has done wonders and miracles in the past, uses you in the 21st Century. /KDJ (Picture: Electrician Markus Klatt’s golden hands)