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Who laid the first stone of the school building?

Correct, U.K.

Dear Diospi Friends, now that two certified and experienced Terrazzo-floor professionals have arrived from Lima we have started the preparatory works for the floors in the two operating theatres.

First of all we had to mortise the empty tubes for the electric wires deeper into the base plate.  In order to avoid electrostatic discharging and charging in the operating theatres we had to ensure that the Terrazzo floor complies with official electric conductivity guidelines.  In order to achieve them we first applied a 2cms thick sand layer; then a PVC film, a finely-structured wire-mesh and several copper wire loops which are in turn joined to the building’s equipotential bonding.  On top of all this we have put the 4-5cms strong lower concrete layer for the Terrazzo-floor proper.

We are making good progress on the Kindergarten Building Site.  In the front part we have started encasing and reinforcing the required concrete walls.  As the walls are fairly high and since we do not have suitable formwork we will concrete the walls in two stages.  The wall for the ramp has been connected with the cellar wall by means of transverse walls.  Thus a type of tough has been created which can absorb the earth-pressure that is caused by the weight of the passing traffic.

We have started with the masonry work.  Our 2-3 masons have got used to working with the small-format bricks and work progresses slowly, but steadily.  Large-format bricks which have the necessary compressive strength do not exist in this neck of the woods.  Perhaps I should employ a further stonemason, but as the general construction boom in Curahuasi continues strongly, it is hard to get good and qualified workers.

That is it for today; with cordial greetings from Curahuasi where we have been enjoying summerly and warm weather for the past few days, Udo

The stripped layer of sand on the base plate.
Applying the subfloor.  One can see the foil of the wire-mesh and the square copper wire loops.
The wall for the ramp has been connected with the cellar wall by means of transverse walls.
Reinforcing the lower part of the cellar wall.
A start has been made on the western façade
Now work is progressing nicely.
Masonry work on 11.04.2019.