Who is on the Side of Diospi Suyana?

They came from all over the country – representatives from different Universities as well as Health Directors. The topics ranged from the inequality between training centres in the coastal districts and the Andean regions to the need to improve training in specialties and the obvious lack of physicians across Peru.

Dr John gave a well received presentation about the success of Diospi Suyana. How can this be explained? The current President of Specialty Programs in Peru described it as a result of mystic powers. However, one representative from the Ministry of Health said “I am an agnostic, but after hearing Dr John speak, I feel strongly that we all must do something to help this project continue!”

Following a tour of the hospital in the evening, Dr John remarked to this same man, “Perhaps for you Diospi Suyana can only be explained away as a mystery, but for me, it is clear evidence that God is living and working here in the 21st century!”

As a result of this conference, now 4 Universities from Cusco and Lima are interested in sending their Resident doctors to Curahuasi. This is a remarkable outcome here in a country where there is a shortage of Residents all over. So what do you think ? A coincidence? Or God at work?

Many of the missionaries put all of work and effort into making this event a success. Clearly they did not labour in vain.

PS. In the end the Health Minister was unable to attend, but instead sent his greetings via telephone.

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