Which value is higher – our blood pressure or the adrenaline level?

The scale is open upwards

Only 96 hours to go until Day X. Surely 100 employees toiled yesterday on the campgrounds, in the amphitheater, the exhibition grounds or in the offices for the festival. Calls from anywhere. Crisis talks and quick arrangements.

How many participants will come? The answer is: between 1500 and 3000. With the best will in the world, it is impossible to be more precise.

The weather is great, the political situation is more stable than it has been for a long time and the atmosphere in the team is outstanding. Pray with us that no serious accidents occur in the coming days. On Tuesday, the first young people will show up in Curahuasi. And then???

A beautiful outhouse for the male youths
Grass is laid in campsite 2.
The concrete mixers are located at the entrance to the campsite 2.
The driveway is concreted in turbo speed.
In the exhibition area: hardworking nurses set up a tent next to the amphitheater.
Short break on the stage of the amphitheater
At campsite 3, a few tireless people swirl until late in the afternoon.
A road worker of the city hall improves the road. The route of the 9 stops has a length of 6.6 kilometers.
Artificial turf is laid in the amphitheater.
Painters paint 110 wooden benches.
3100 program booklets from a print shop in Lima are already on their way to Curahuasi. 950 kilometer
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